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#! /usr/bin/python
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
# Zephyr's Sanity Check library
# Set of code that other projects can also import to do things on
# Zephyr's sanity check testcases.

import logging
import yaml

log = logging.getLogger("scl")

def yaml_load(filename):
    Safely load a YAML document

    Follows recomendations from

    :param str filename: filename to load
    :raises yaml.scanner: On YAML scan issues
    :raises: any other exception on file access erors
    :return: dictionary representing the YAML document
        with open(filename, 'r') as f:
            return yaml.safe_load(f)
    except yaml.scanner.ScannerError as e:	# For errors parsing schema.yaml
        mark = e.problem_mark
        cmark = e.context_mark
        log.error("%s:%d:%d: error: %s (note %s context @%s:%d:%d %s)",
        , mark.line, mark.column, e.problem,
                  e.note,, cmark.line, cmark.column, e.context)

# If pykwalify is installed, then the validate functionw ill work --
# otherwise, it is a stub and we'd warn about it.
    import pykwalify.core
    # Don't print error messages yourself, let us do it

    def _yaml_validate(data, schema):
        if not schema:
        c = pykwalify.core.Core(source_data=data, schema_data=schema)

except ImportError as e:
    log.warning("can't import pykwalify; won't validate YAML (%s)", e)
    def _yaml_validate(data, schema):

def yaml_load_verify(filename, schema):
    Safely load a testcase/sample yaml document and validate it
    against the YAML schema, returing in case of success the YAML data.

    :param str filename: name of the file to load and process
    :param dict schema: loaded YAML schema (can load with :func:`yaml_load`)

    # 'document.yaml' contains a single YAML document.
    :raises yaml.scanner.ScannerError: on YAML parsing error
    :raises pykwalify.errors.SchemaError: on Schema violation error
    # 'document.yaml' contains a single YAML document.
    y = yaml_load(filename)
    _yaml_validate(y, schema)
    return y