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# ==========================================================================
# Cleaning up
# ==========================================================================

src := $(obj)

PHONY := __clean

include scripts/Kbuild.include

# The filename Kbuild has precedence over Makefile
kbuild-dir := $(if $(filter /%,$(src)),$(src),$(srctree)/$(src))
include $(if $(wildcard $(kbuild-dir)/Kbuild), $(kbuild-dir)/Kbuild, $(kbuild-dir)/Makefile)

# Figure out what we need to build from the various variables
# ==========================================================================

__subdir-y	:= $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-y)))
subdir-y	+= $(__subdir-y)
__subdir-m	:= $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-m)))
subdir-m	+= $(__subdir-m)
__subdir-	:= $(patsubst %/,%,$(filter %/, $(obj-)))
subdir-		+= $(__subdir-)

# Subdirectories we need to descend into

subdir-ym	:= $(sort $(subdir-y) $(subdir-m))
subdir-ymn      := $(sort $(subdir-ym) $(subdir-))

# Add subdir path

subdir-ymn	:= $(addprefix $(obj)/,$(subdir-ymn))

# build a list of files to remove, usually relative to the current
# directory

__clean-files	:= $(extra-y) $(extra-m) $(extra-)       \
		   $(always) $(targets) $(clean-files)   \
		   $(host-progs)                         \
		   $(hostprogs-y) $(hostprogs-m) $(hostprogs-)

__clean-files   := $(filter-out $(no-clean-files), $(__clean-files))

# clean-files is given relative to the current directory, unless it
# starts with $(objtree)/ (which means "./", so do not add "./" unless
# you want to delete a file from the toplevel object directory).

__clean-files   := $(wildcard                                               \
		   $(addprefix $(obj)/, $(filter-out $(objtree)/%, $(__clean-files))) \
		   $(filter $(objtree)/%, $(__clean-files)))

# same as clean-files

__clean-dirs    := $(wildcard                                               \
		   $(addprefix $(obj)/, $(filter-out $(objtree)/%, $(clean-dirs)))    \
		   $(filter $(objtree)/%, $(clean-dirs)))

# ==========================================================================

quiet_cmd_clean    = CLEAN   $(obj)
      cmd_clean    = rm -f $(__clean-files)
quiet_cmd_cleandir = CLEAN   $(__clean-dirs)
      cmd_cleandir = rm -rf $(__clean-dirs)

__clean: $(subdir-ymn)
ifneq ($(strip $(__clean-files)),)
	+$(call cmd,clean)
ifneq ($(strip $(__clean-dirs)),)
	+$(call cmd,cleandir)
ifneq ($(strip $(clean-rule)),)

# ===========================================================================
# Generic stuff
# ===========================================================================

# Descending
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

PHONY += $(subdir-ymn)
	$(Q)$(MAKE) $(clean)=$@

# Declare the contents of the .PHONY variable as phony.  We keep that
# information in a variable se we can use it in if_changed and friends.