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Elixir Cross Referencer

# Copyright (c) 2016 Linaro Ltd.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

menuconfig I2C_SBCON
	bool "I2C driver for ARM's SBCon two-wire serial bus interface"
	depends on I2C && ARM
	select I2C_BITBANG
	default n


config I2C_SBCON_0
	bool "Enable SBCon device 0"
	default n

config I2C_SBCON_0_NAME
	depends on I2C_SBCON_0
	string "SBCon device 0 Device Name"
	default "SBCON_0"

config I2C_SBCON_1
	bool "Enable SBCon device 1"
	default n

config I2C_SBCON_1_NAME
	depends on I2C_SBCON_1
	string "SBCon device 1 Device Name"
	default "SBCON_1"

config I2C_SBCON_2
	bool "Enable SBCon device 2"
	default n

config I2C_SBCON_2_NAME
	depends on I2C_SBCON_2
	string "SBCon device 2 Device Name"
	default "SBCON_2"

config I2C_SBCON_3
	bool "Enable SBCon device 3"
	default n

config I2C_SBCON_3_NAME
	depends on I2C_SBCON_3
	string "SBCon device 0 Device Name"
	default "SBCON_3"