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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Modified from:
from kconfiglib import Kconfig, Symbol, BOOL, STRING, TRISTATE, TRI_TO_STR
import sys

if len(sys.argv) < 5:
    print('usage: {} Kconfig dotconfig autoconf conf1 [conf2 ...]'

print("Parsing Kconfig tree in {}".format(sys.argv[1]))
kconf = Kconfig(sys.argv[1])

# Enable warnings for assignments to undefined symbols

# (This script uses alldefconfig as the base. Other starting states could be
# set up here as well. The approach in examples/ could
# provide an allnoconfig starting state for example.)

print("Using {} as base".format(sys.argv[4]))
for config in sys.argv[5:]:
    print("Merging {}".format(config))
# Create a merged configuration by loading the fragments with replace=False
for config in sys.argv[4:]:
    kconf.load_config(config, replace=False)

# Write the merged configuration

# Output autoconf

# Print warnings for symbols whose actual value doesn't match the assigned
# value
for sym in kconf.defined_syms:
    # Was the symbol assigned to?
    #print('name: {} value: {}'.format(, sym.str_value))
    if sym.user_value is not None:
        # Tristate values are represented as 0, 1, 2. Having them as
        # "n", "m", "y" is more convenient here, so convert.
        if sym.type in (BOOL, TRISTATE):
            user_value = TRI_TO_STR[sym.user_value]
            user_value = sym.user_value
        if user_value != sym.str_value:
            print('warning: {} was assigned the value "{}" but got the '
                  'value "{}" -- check dependencies'
                  .format(, user_value, sym.str_value))