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 * mq_open.c - open a message queue.

#include <errno.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <sys/syscall.h>

#include <mqueue.h>

#ifdef __NR_mq_open

#define __NR___syscall_mq_open __NR_mq_open
static __inline__ _syscall4(int, __syscall_mq_open, const char *, name,
			int, oflag, __kernel_mode_t, mode, void *, attr);
 * Establish connection between a process and a message queue and
 * return message queue descriptor or (mqd_t) -1 on error.
 * oflag determines the type of access used. If O_CREAT is on oflag, the
 * third argument is taken as a `mode_t', the mode of the created
 * message queue, and the fourth argument is taken as `struct mq_attr *',
 * pointer to message queue attributes.
 * If the fourth argument is NULL, default attributes are used.
mqd_t mq_open(const char *name, int oflag, ...)
	mode_t mode;
	struct mq_attr *attr;

	if (name[0] != '/') {
		return -1;

	mode = 0;
	attr = NULL;

	if (oflag & O_CREAT) {
		va_list ap;

		va_start(ap, oflag);
		mode = va_arg(ap, mode_t);
		attr = va_arg(ap, struct mq_attr *);


	return __syscall_mq_open(name + 1, oflag, mode, attr);