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global-incdirs-y += include
srcs-$(CFG_ARM32_$(sm)) += start_a32.S
srcs-$(CFG_ARM64_$(sm)) += start_a64.S
srcs-$(CFG_ARM32_$(sm)) += syscalls_a32.S
srcs-$(CFG_ARM64_$(sm)) += syscalls_a64.S
srcs-$(CFG_ARM64_$(sm)) += tlsdesc_rel_a64.S
srcs-y += dl.c
srcs-y += main.c
srcs-y += sys.c
srcs-y += ta_elf.c
srcs-y += ta_elf_rel.c
srcs-$(CFG_FTRACE_SUPPORT) += ftrace.c
srcs-$(CFG_TA_PAUTH) += pauth.c