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include mk/

# Set current submodule (used for module specific flags compile result etc)
sm := ldelf
sm-$(sm) := y

link-out-dir$(sm) := $(out-dir)/$(sm)

cppflags$(sm)	:= $(core-platform-cppflags)
cflags$(sm)	:= $(core-platform-cflags) -fpie -fvisibility=hidden
aflags$(sm)	:= $(core-platform-aflags)

# ldelf is compiled for the same arch or register width as core
ifeq ($(CFG_ARM64_core),y)
CFG_ARM64_$(sm) := y
ifeq ($(CFG_ARM32_core),y)
CFG_ARM32_$(sm) := y
arch-bits-$(sm) := $(arch-bits-core)

cppflags$(sm)	+= -include $(conf-file)
cppflags$(sm)	+= -D__LDELF__

# Use same compiler as for core
COMPILER_$(sm)		:= $(COMPILER_core)
include mk/$(COMPILER_$(sm)).mk

base-prefix := $(sm)-

libname = utils
libdir = lib/libutils
include mk/

libname = utee
libdir = lib/libutee
include mk/

libname = unw
libdir = lib/libunw
include mk/

base-prefix :=

subdirs = ldelf
include mk/

include mk/

include ldelf/