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Elixir Cross Referencer

.global ___setjmp
.hidden ___setjmp
.global __setjmp
.global _setjmp
.global setjmp
.type   __setjmp, @function
.type   _setjmp,  @function
.type   setjmp,   @function
#if __SH_FPU_ANY__ || __SH4__
	add   #52, r4
	fmov.s fr15, @-r4
	fmov.s fr14, @-r4
	fmov.s fr13, @-r4
	fmov.s fr12, @-r4
	add   #36, r4
	sts.l  pr,   @-r4
	mov.l  r15,  @-r4
	mov.l  r14,  @-r4
	mov.l  r13,  @-r4
	mov.l  r12,  @-r4
	mov.l  r11,  @-r4
	mov.l  r10,  @-r4
	mov.l  r9,   @-r4
	mov.l  r8,   @-r4
	 mov  #0, r0