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Elixir Cross Referencer

0.5.0 - initial release

0.5.9 - signal ABI bugfix, various cleanup and fixes:

sigset_t was wrongly defined as 1024 bytes instead of 1024 bits,
breaking the intended ABI compatibility with the LSB/glibc sigaction
structure. users should upgrade immediately and rebuild any libraries
or object files that might be using the incorrect definitions.

improved security against DoS with tcb shadow passwords by checking
that the file opened was really an ordinary file.

fixed a bug in the implementation of atomic ops that could have
allowed the compiler to incorrectly reorder them (in practice, gcc
with the default settings on i386 was not reordering them).

greatly improved conformance to the C and POSIX standards regarding
what the standard header files make visible. _POSIX_C_SOURCE is now
needed to get POSIX functions in standard C headers, and _XOPEN_SOURCE
or _GNU_SOURCE are required to get XSI interfaces or GNU extensions,

many internal improvements have been made to the syscall-related code
in preparation for porting to x86_64 and other archs.

0.6.0 - x86_64 port, various important bugs fixed

new x86_64 (amd64) architecture port, contributed by Nicholas J. Kain,
along with PORTING guide. source tree layout and build system have
been improved to accommodate further ports.

various bugs that were introduced while making the headers respect C
and POSIX namespace standards have been fixed. conformance to the
standards has been improved.

fixed an inefficiency in qsort that triggered a bug (occasionaly
internal compiler error) in some versions of gcc.

fixed a major bug in the printf %n specifier that prevented it from
working and caused memory corruption.

0.7.0 - major improvements to posix conformance and completeness

implemented posix shared memory and semaphore interfaces.

implemented all remaining required pthread and clock interfaces.

major fixes to signal semantics.

greatly improved temporary file name generation for safety against
denial of service due to intentional name collisions.

added syscall wrappers for the linux inotify interface.

malloc(0) now returns a non-null pointer.

fixed printf %n specifier (again), pthread_once (it was always
hanging), and non-default-type mutex behavior.

added ucontext/sigcontext support in headers to facilitate building
libgcc with dwarf2 unwind support, and possibly other low-level tools.

improved musl-gcc compiler wrapper.

implemented many small missing functions here and there, minor header
fixes, etc.