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#ifndef _THREADS_H
#define _THREADS_H

#include <features.h>
#include <time.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef unsigned long thrd_t;
typedef struct __pthread *thrd_t;
#define thread_local _Thread_local

typedef int once_flag;
typedef unsigned tss_t;
typedef int (*thrd_start_t)(void *);
typedef void (*tss_dtor_t)(void *);

#define __NEED_cnd_t
#define __NEED_mtx_t

#include <bits/alltypes.h>


enum {
	thrd_success  = 0,
	thrd_busy     = 1,
	thrd_error    = 2,
	thrd_nomem    = 3,
	thrd_timedout = 4,

enum {
	mtx_plain     = 0,
	mtx_recursive = 1,
	mtx_timed     = 2,

#define ONCE_FLAG_INIT 0

int thrd_create(thrd_t *, thrd_start_t, void *);
_Noreturn void thrd_exit(int);

int thrd_detach(thrd_t);
int thrd_join(thrd_t, int *);

int thrd_sleep(const struct timespec *, struct timespec *);
void thrd_yield(void);

thrd_t thrd_current(void);
int thrd_equal(thrd_t, thrd_t);
#ifndef __cplusplus
#define thrd_equal(A, B) ((A) == (B))

void call_once(once_flag *, void (*)(void));

int mtx_init(mtx_t *, int);
void mtx_destroy(mtx_t *);

int mtx_lock(mtx_t *);
int mtx_timedlock(mtx_t *__restrict, const struct timespec *__restrict);
int mtx_trylock(mtx_t *);
int mtx_unlock(mtx_t *);

int cnd_init(cnd_t *);
void cnd_destroy(cnd_t *);

int cnd_broadcast(cnd_t *);
int cnd_signal(cnd_t *);

int cnd_timedwait(cnd_t *__restrict, mtx_t *__restrict, const struct timespec *__restrict);
int cnd_wait(cnd_t *, mtx_t *);

int tss_create(tss_t *, tss_dtor_t);
void tss_delete(tss_t);

int tss_set(tss_t, void *);
void *tss_get(tss_t);

__REDIR(thrd_sleep, __thrd_sleep_time64);
__REDIR(mtx_timedlock, __mtx_timedlock_time64);
__REDIR(cnd_timedwait, __cnd_timedwait_time64);

#ifdef __cplusplus