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    cx23415/6/8 header containing common defines.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef CX2341X_H
#define CX2341X_H

#include <media/v4l2-ctrls.h>

enum cx2341x_port {
	CX2341X_PORT_MEMORY    = 0,
	CX2341X_PORT_SERIAL    = 2

enum cx2341x_cap {
	CX2341X_CAP_HAS_SLICED_VBI = 1 << 0,
	CX2341X_CAP_HAS_TS 	   = 1 << 1,
	CX2341X_CAP_HAS_AC3 	   = 1 << 2,

struct cx2341x_mpeg_params {
	/* misc */
	u32 capabilities;
	enum cx2341x_port port;
	u16 width;
	u16 height;
	u16 is_50hz;

	/* stream */
	enum v4l2_mpeg_stream_type stream_type;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_stream_vbi_fmt stream_vbi_fmt;
	u16 stream_insert_nav_packets;

	/* audio */
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_sampling_freq audio_sampling_freq;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_encoding audio_encoding;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_l2_bitrate audio_l2_bitrate;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_ac3_bitrate audio_ac3_bitrate;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_mode audio_mode;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_mode_extension audio_mode_extension;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_emphasis audio_emphasis;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_audio_crc audio_crc;
	u32 audio_properties;
	u16 audio_mute;

	/* video */
	enum v4l2_mpeg_video_encoding video_encoding;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_video_aspect video_aspect;
	u16 video_b_frames;
	u16 video_gop_size;
	u16 video_gop_closure;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_video_bitrate_mode video_bitrate_mode;
	u32 video_bitrate;
	u32 video_bitrate_peak;
	u16 video_temporal_decimation;
	u16 video_mute;
	u32 video_mute_yuv;

	/* encoding filters */
	enum v4l2_mpeg_cx2341x_video_spatial_filter_mode video_spatial_filter_mode;
	u16 video_spatial_filter;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_cx2341x_video_luma_spatial_filter_type video_luma_spatial_filter_type;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_cx2341x_video_chroma_spatial_filter_type video_chroma_spatial_filter_type;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_cx2341x_video_temporal_filter_mode video_temporal_filter_mode;
	u16 video_temporal_filter;
	enum v4l2_mpeg_cx2341x_video_median_filter_type video_median_filter_type;
	u16 video_luma_median_filter_top;
	u16 video_luma_median_filter_bottom;
	u16 video_chroma_median_filter_top;
	u16 video_chroma_median_filter_bottom;

#define CX2341X_MBOX_MAX_DATA 16

extern const u32 cx2341x_mpeg_ctrls[];
typedef int (*cx2341x_mbox_func)(void *priv, u32 cmd, int in, int out,
		u32 data[CX2341X_MBOX_MAX_DATA]);
int cx2341x_update(void *priv, cx2341x_mbox_func func,
		const struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *old,
		const struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *new);
int cx2341x_ctrl_query(const struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *params,
		struct v4l2_queryctrl *qctrl);
const char * const *cx2341x_ctrl_get_menu(const struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *p, u32 id);
int cx2341x_ext_ctrls(struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *params, int busy,
		struct v4l2_ext_controls *ctrls, unsigned int cmd);
void cx2341x_fill_defaults(struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *p);
void cx2341x_log_status(const struct cx2341x_mpeg_params *p, const char *prefix);

struct cx2341x_handler;

struct cx2341x_handler_ops {
	/* needed for the video clock freq */
	int (*s_audio_sampling_freq)(struct cx2341x_handler *hdl, u32 val);
	/* needed for dualwatch */
	int (*s_audio_mode)(struct cx2341x_handler *hdl, u32 val);
	/* needed for setting up the video resolution */
	int (*s_video_encoding)(struct cx2341x_handler *hdl, u32 val);
	/* needed for setting up the sliced vbi insertion data structures */
	int (*s_stream_vbi_fmt)(struct cx2341x_handler *hdl, u32 val);

struct cx2341x_handler {
	u32 capabilities;
	enum cx2341x_port port;
	u16 width;
	u16 height;
	u16 is_50hz;
	u32 audio_properties;

	struct v4l2_ctrl_handler hdl;
	void *priv;
	cx2341x_mbox_func func;
	const struct cx2341x_handler_ops *ops;

	struct v4l2_ctrl *stream_vbi_fmt;

	struct {
		/* audio cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_sampling_freq;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_encoding;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_l2_bitrate;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_mode;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_mode_extension;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_emphasis;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_crc;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *audio_ac3_bitrate;

	struct {
		/* video gop cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_b_frames;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_gop_size;

	struct {
		/* stream type cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *stream_type;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_encoding;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_bitrate_mode;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_bitrate;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_bitrate_peak;

	struct {
		/* video mute cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_mute;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_mute_yuv;

	struct {
		/* video filter mode cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_spatial_filter_mode;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_temporal_filter_mode;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_median_filter_type;

	struct {
		/* video filter type cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_luma_spatial_filter_type;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_chroma_spatial_filter_type;

	struct  {
		/* video filter cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_spatial_filter;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_temporal_filter;

	struct {
		/* video median cluster */
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_luma_median_filter_top;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_luma_median_filter_bottom;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_chroma_median_filter_top;
		struct v4l2_ctrl *video_chroma_median_filter_bottom;

int cx2341x_handler_init(struct cx2341x_handler *cxhdl,
			 unsigned nr_of_controls_hint);
void cx2341x_handler_set_50hz(struct cx2341x_handler *cxhdl, int is_50hz);
int cx2341x_handler_setup(struct cx2341x_handler *cxhdl);
void cx2341x_handler_set_busy(struct cx2341x_handler *cxhdl, int busy);

/* Firmware names */
#define CX2341X_FIRM_ENC_FILENAME "v4l-cx2341x-enc.fw"
/* Decoder firmware for the cx23415 only */
#define CX2341X_FIRM_DEC_FILENAME "v4l-cx2341x-dec.fw"

/* Firmware API commands */

/* MPEG decoder API, specific to the cx23415 */
#define CX2341X_DEC_PING_FW 			0x00
#define CX2341X_DEC_START_PLAYBACK 		0x01
#define CX2341X_DEC_STOP_PLAYBACK 		0x02
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_PLAYBACK_SPEED 		0x03
#define CX2341X_DEC_STEP_VIDEO 			0x05
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_DMA_BLOCK_SIZE 		0x08
#define CX2341X_DEC_GET_XFER_INFO		0x09
#define CX2341X_DEC_GET_DMA_STATUS		0x0a
#define CX2341X_DEC_SCHED_DMA_FROM_HOST		0x0b
#define CX2341X_DEC_PAUSE_PLAYBACK 		0x0d
#define CX2341X_DEC_HALT_FW 			0x0e
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_STANDARD 		0x10
#define CX2341X_DEC_GET_VERSION			0x11
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_STREAM_INPUT 		0x14
#define CX2341X_DEC_GET_TIMING_INFO 		0x15
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_AUDIO_MODE 		0x16
#define CX2341X_DEC_EXTRACT_VBI 		0x19
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_DECODER_SOURCE 		0x1a
#define CX2341X_DEC_SET_PREBUFFERING		0x1e

/* MPEG encoder API */
#define CX2341X_ENC_PING_FW 			0x80
#define CX2341X_ENC_START_CAPTURE 		0x81
#define CX2341X_ENC_STOP_CAPTURE 		0x82
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_AUDIO_ID 		0x89
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_VIDEO_ID 		0x8b
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_PCR_ID 			0x8d
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_FRAME_RATE 		0x8f
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_FRAME_SIZE 		0x91
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_BIT_RATE 		0x95
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_GOP_PROPERTIES 		0x97
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_ASPECT_RATIO 		0x99
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_DNR_FILTER_MODE 	0x9b
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_DNR_FILTER_PROPS 	0x9d
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_CORING_LEVELS 		0x9f
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_VBI_LINE 		0xb7
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_STREAM_TYPE 		0xb9
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_OUTPUT_PORT 		0xbb
#define CX2341X_ENC_HALT_FW 			0xc3
#define CX2341X_ENC_GET_VERSION			0xc4
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_GOP_CLOSURE 		0xc5
#define CX2341X_ENC_GET_SEQ_END 		0xc6
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_PGM_INDEX_INFO 		0xc7
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_VBI_CONFIG		0xc8
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_DMA_BLOCK_SIZE 		0xc9
#define CX2341X_ENC_GET_PREV_DMA_INFO_MB_10	0xca
#define CX2341X_ENC_GET_PREV_DMA_INFO_MB_9	0xcb
#define CX2341X_ENC_SCHED_DMA_TO_HOST 		0xcc
#define CX2341X_ENC_INITIALIZE_INPUT 		0xcd
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_FRAME_DROP_RATE 	0xd0
#define CX2341X_ENC_PAUSE_ENCODER 		0xd2
#define CX2341X_ENC_REFRESH_INPUT 		0xd3
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_COPYRIGHT		0xd4
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_NUM_VSYNC_LINES 	0xd6
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_PLACEHOLDER 		0xd7
#define CX2341X_ENC_MUTE_VIDEO 			0xd9
#define CX2341X_ENC_MUTE_AUDIO 			0xda
#define CX2341X_ENC_SET_VERT_CROP_LINE		0xdb
#define CX2341X_ENC_MISC 			0xdc

/* OSD API, specific to the cx23415 */
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_FRAMEBUFFER 		0x41
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_PIXEL_FORMAT 		0x42
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_PIXEL_FORMAT 		0x43
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_STATE 			0x44
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_STATE 			0x45
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_OSD_COORDS 		0x46
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_OSD_COORDS 		0x47
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_SCREEN_COORDS 		0x48
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_SCREEN_COORDS 		0x49
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_GLOBAL_ALPHA 		0x4a
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_GLOBAL_ALPHA 		0x4b
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_BLEND_COORDS 		0x4c
#define CX2341X_OSD_GET_FLICKER_STATE 		0x4f
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_FLICKER_STATE 		0x50
#define CX2341X_OSD_BLT_COPY 			0x52
#define CX2341X_OSD_BLT_FILL 			0x53
#define CX2341X_OSD_BLT_TEXT 			0x54
#define CX2341X_OSD_SET_CHROMA_KEY 		0x60

#endif /* CX2341X_H */