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If you checked out this source tree directly from GRUB Git, you might be
wondering where are the POT and PO files.  Here are some instructions
that will hopefully clarify the situation.

  - If you're a user or a distributor, simply fill the po directory by
    importing translations from the Translation Project:


    GRUB's build system will automatically detect those and include them
    in your install.

  - If you're a translator and want to add a new translation or improve an
    existing one, get in touch with the Translation Project
    (  The GRUB project doesn't interact
    with translators directly (but we dearly appreciate your work!).

  - If you're a developer adding/removing/modifying translatable strings,
    you can check that these turn into a sane POT file by using the
    `po/grub.pot' make rule.

  - If you're the maintainer of GNU GRUB preparing a new release, don't
    forget to include the latest PO files in your source tarball!