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% GRUB2 gfxmenu default theme by Daniel Tschudi %

Version history:

	0.99: first test release 

	This shall be the default theme for the GRUB2. As the theme format seems  to be more stable then before, there is hope that this theme will work 	
	in future version of GRUB2 as well.

	The font (c.f. theme.txt) required by this theme are not supplied with it,
	as they should be generated out of the newest available version at compile time.


	All images of the theme have been made by the author using GIMP.

	This theme does not contain any text in a fixed language. 

	As soon as gfxmenu allows it, this theme should be updated to support localised layouts, such as different position for the scrollbar depending on reading direction. 

	In order to speed up the loading process on smaller resolutions, the starfield.png might be converted in to .jpeg images of different resolution.

	This theme is inspired by the work and themes of Jo Shields. 

	Do not not use the m-word near the ape, ook!

Copyright & Licensing:

	Please see the COPYING file