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# Special Makefile rules for English message catalogs with quotation marks.

DISTFILES.common.extra1 = quot.sed boldquot.sed en@quot.header en@boldquot.header insert-header.sin Rules-quot

.SUFFIXES: .insert-header .po-update-en

	$(MAKE) en@quot.po-update
	$(MAKE) en@boldquot.po-update

en@quot.po-update: en@quot.po-update-en
en@boldquot.po-update: en@boldquot.po-update-en

	@lang=`echo $@ | sed -e 's/\.po-update-en$$//'`; \
	if test "$(PACKAGE)" = "gettext"; then PATH=`pwd`/../src:$$PATH; GETTEXTLIBDIR=`cd $(top_srcdir)/src && pwd`; export GETTEXTLIBDIR; fi; \
	tmpdir=`pwd`; \
	echo "$$lang:"; \
	ll=`echo $$lang | sed -e 's/@.*//'`; \
	LC_ALL=C; export LC_ALL; \
	cd $(srcdir); \
	if $(MSGINIT) -i $(DOMAIN).pot --no-translator -l $$lang -o - 2>/dev/null | sed -f $$tmpdir/$$lang.insert-header | $(MSGCONV) -t UTF-8 | $(MSGFILTER) sed -f `echo $$lang | sed -e 's/.*@//'`.sed 2>/dev/null > $$tmpdir/$$; then \
	  if cmp $$lang.po $$tmpdir/$$ >/dev/null 2>&1; then \
	    rm -f $$tmpdir/$$; \
	  else \
	    if mv -f $$tmpdir/$$ $$lang.po; then \
	      :; \
	    else \
	      echo "creation of $$lang.po failed: cannot move $$tmpdir/$$ to $$lang.po" 1>&2; \
	      exit 1; \
	    fi; \
	  fi; \
	else \
	  echo "creation of $$lang.po failed!" 1>&2; \
	  rm -f $$tmpdir/$$; \

en@quot.insert-header: insert-header.sin
	sed -e '/^#/d' -e 's/HEADER/en@quot.header/g' $(srcdir)/insert-header.sin > en@quot.insert-header

en@boldquot.insert-header: insert-header.sin
	sed -e '/^#/d' -e 's/HEADER/en@boldquot.header/g' $(srcdir)/insert-header.sin > en@boldquot.insert-header

mostlyclean: mostlyclean-quot
	rm -f *.insert-header