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Elixir Cross Referencer

# Please keep these options sorted alphabetically.

option('disable_drivers', type: 'string', value: '',
	description: 'Comma-separated list of drivers to explicitly disable.')
option('drivers_install_subdir', type: 'string', value: 'dpdk/pmds-<VERSION>',
	description: 'Subdirectory of libdir where to install PMDs. Defaults to using a versioned subdirectory.')
option('enable_docs', type: 'boolean', value: false,
	description: 'build documentation')
option('enable_kmods', type: 'boolean', value: true,
	description: 'build kernel modules')
option('examples', type: 'string', value: '',
	description: 'Comma-separated list of examples to build by default')
option('flexran_sdk', type: 'string', value: '',
	description: 'Path to FlexRAN SDK optional Libraries for BBDEV device')
option('ibverbs_link', type: 'combo', choices : ['static', 'shared', 'dlopen'], value: 'shared',
	description: 'Linkage method (static/shared/dlopen) for Mellanox PMDs with ibverbs dependencies.')
option('include_subdir_arch', type: 'string', value: '',
	description: 'subdirectory where to install arch-dependent headers')
option('kernel_dir', type: 'string', value: '',
	description: 'Path to the kernel for building kernel modules. Headers must be in $kernel_dir/build. Modules will be installed in $DEST_DIR/$kernel_dir/extra/dpdk.')
option('lib_musdk_dir', type: 'string', value: '',
	description: 'path to the MUSDK library installation directory')
option('machine', type: 'string', value: 'native',
	description: 'set the target machine type')
option('max_ethports', type: 'integer', value: 32,
	description: 'maximum number of Ethernet devices')
option('max_lcores', type: 'integer', value: 128,
	description: 'maximum number of cores/threads supported by EAL')
option('max_numa_nodes', type: 'integer', value: 4,
	description: 'maximum number of NUMA nodes supported by EAL')
option('tests', type: 'boolean', value: true,
	description: 'build unit tests')
option('use_hpet', type: 'boolean', value: false,
	description: 'use HPET timer in EAL')