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coreboot POST Codes

This is an (incomplete) list of POST codes emitted by coreboot v4.

0x10 Entry into protected mode
0x01 Entry into 'crt0.s' reset code jumps to here
0x11 Start copying coreboot to RAM with decompression if compressed
0x12 Copy/decompression finished jumping to RAM
0x80 Entry into coreboot in RAM
0x13 Entry into c_start
0xfe Pre call to hardwaremain()
0x39 Console is initialized
0x40 Console boot message succeeded
0x66 Devices have been enumerated
0x88 Devices have been configured
0x89 Devices have been enabled
0xe0 Boot media (e.g. SPI ROM) is corrupt
0xe1 Resource stored within CBFS is corrupt
0xe2 Vendor binary (e.g. FSP) generated a fatal error
0xe3 RAM could not be initialized
0xe4 Critical hardware component could not initialize
0xe5 Video subsystem failed to initialize
0xf8 Entry into elf boot
0xf3 Jumping to payload

Errors (used in several places):

0xee Not supposed to get here
0xff Elfload fail or die() called