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# Create signed release tarballs and signature files from current svn.
# Since you don't have my gpg key, this doesn't do you much good,
# but if I get hit by a bus the next maintainer might find this useful.
# Run this in an empty directory.  The VERSION= line can get confused
# otherwise.

#svn co svn://
cd busybox || { echo "cd busybox failed"; exit 1; }
chmod -Rc u+w,a+rX,go-w .
make release || { echo "make release failed"; exit 1; }
cd ..

VERSION=`ls busybox-*.tar.gz | sed 's/busybox-\(.*\)\.tar\.gz/\1/'`

zcat busybox-$VERSION.tar.gz | bzip2 > busybox-$VERSION.tar.bz2

for releasefile in busybox-$VERSION.tar.gz busybox-$VERSION.tar.bz2; do
    test -f $releasefile || { echo "no $releasefile"; exit 1; }
    gpg --detach-sign $releasefile
    sha256sum $releasefile > $releasefile.sha256