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/* vi: set sw=4 ts=4: */
 * This file was released into the public domain by Paul Fox.
//config:config BBCONFIG
//config:	bool "bbconfig (9.7 kb)"
//config:	default n
//config:	help
//config:	The bbconfig applet will print the config file with which
//config:	busybox was built.
//config:	bool "Compress bbconfig data"
//config:	default y
//config:	depends on BBCONFIG
//config:	help
//config:	Store bbconfig data in compressed form, uncompress them on-the-fly
//config:	before output.
//config:	If you have a really tiny busybox with few applets enabled (and
//config:	bunzip2 isn't one of them), the overhead of the decompressor might
//config:	be noticeable. Also, if you run executables directly from ROM
//config:	and have very little memory, this might not be a win. Otherwise,
//config:	you probably want this.


//kbuild:lib-$(CONFIG_BBCONFIG) += bbconfig.o

//usage:#define bbconfig_trivial_usage
//usage:       ""
//usage:#define bbconfig_full_usage "\n\n"
//usage:       "Print the config file used by busybox build"

#include "libbb.h"
#include "bbconfigopts.h"
# include "bb_archive.h"
# include "bbconfigopts_bz2.h"

int bbconfig_main(int argc, char **argv) MAIN_EXTERNALLY_VISIBLE;
int bbconfig_main(int argc UNUSED_PARAM, char **argv UNUSED_PARAM)
	const char *outbuf = unpack_bz2_data(bbconfig_config_bz2,
			sizeof(bbconfig_config_bz2), sizeof(bbconfig_config));
	if (outbuf) {
	return 0;