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BusyBox is a suite of "tiny" Unix utilities in a multi-call binary. It
provides a pretty complete POSIX environment in a very small package.
Just add a kernel, "ash" (Keith Almquists tiny Bourne shell clone), and
an editor such as "elvis-tiny" or "ae", and you have a working system.
Busybox was begun to support the Debian Rescue/Install disks, but it
also makes an excellent environment for any small or embedded system.

As of version 0.20 there is a version number. : ) Also as of version
0.20, BB is now modularized to easily allow you to build of only the
BB parts you need, thereby reducing binary size. To turn off unwanted
Busybox components, simply edit the file busybox.def.h and comment out
the parts you do not need using C++ style (//) comments.

After the build is complete a busybox.links file is generated which is
then used by 'make install' to create symlinks to the busybox binary
for all compiled in functions.  By default, 'make install' will place
the symlink forest into `pwd`/_install unless you have defined the 
PREFIX environment variable.

Please feed suggestions, bug reports, insults, and bribes back to:
	Erik Andersen 

<blatent plug>
Many thanks to go to Lineo for paying me to work on busybox. 
</blatent plug>