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	* Fixed a bug where init could hang instead of rebooting.
	* Removed some debugging noise from init.c
	* Fixed ln so it works now (it was very broken).
	* Fixed df so it won't segfault when there is no /etc/fstab,
	* If BB_MTAB is not defined, df and mount will whine if /etc/fstab
	    is not installed (since they cannot fixup "/dev/root" to 
	    state the real root device name)
	* merged some redundant code from mtab.c/df.c into utility.c

	* More changes -- many thanks to Lineo for paying me to work on
	    busybox.  If you have any problems please let me know ASAP
	    at or
	* usage() now prints the BusyBox version.  This will help folks
	    realize that they are not in Kansas anymore.
	* Fixed mkdir -m option so that it works.
	* kill segfaulted w/o any arguments.  Now it doesn't do that.
	* kill wasn't properly accepting signal names.  It does now.
	* Added new apps chvt and deallocvt (I should probably add open)
	* Major rewrite of init.c.  Code is now readable by mere mortals IMHO.
	* Wrote sed -- weighs only 1.8k (5.8k with full regular expressions!).
	* Fixed a stupid seg-fault in sync
	* Fixed mount -- mount -a failed to parse and apply mount options
	* Fixed umount -n (patch thanks to Matthew Grant <>)
	* umount -a no longer umounts /proc
	* Added BB_MTAB, allowing (at the cost of ~1.5k and the need for a rw /etc)
	    folks to use a real /etc/mtab file instead of a symlink to /proc/mounts.
	    mount, and umount will add/remove entries and df will now use /etc/mtab 
	    if BB_MTAB is defined. 
	* Fixed a nice bug in recursiveAction() which caused it to infinitely
	    hunt through /proc/../fd/* creating new file descriptors if it
	    followed the /dev/fd link over to /proc.  recursiveAction() now 
	    lstat's the file when followLinks==FALSE so it won't follow links 
	    as the name suggests.  Fix thanks to Matt Porter <>.

	 -Erik Andersen

	* I added a changelog for version 0.30. 
	* adjusted find internals to make it smaller, and removed 
	    some redundancy.
	* Fixed a segfault in ps when /etc/passwd or /etc/group 
	    are absent.  Now will warn you and carry on.
	* Added in optional _real_ regular expression support (to be
	    the basis for a future sed utility).  When compiled in
	    it adds 3.9k, but makes grep much more capable.
	* Checked out using nftw(3) for recursive stuff, but unfortunatly
	    it wasn't supported before GNU libc 2.1, and some folks use
	    glibc 2.0.7 since it is much smaller than that latest and greatest.

	 -Erik Andersen

	Major changes -- lots of stuff rewritten. Many thanks to Lineo for
	paying me to make these updates. If you have any problems with busybox, 
	or notice any bugs -- please let me know so I can fix it.  These 
	changes include:

	Core Changes:
	    * busybox can now invoke apps in two ways: via symlinks to the
		busybox binary, and as 'busybox [function] [arguments]...'
	    * When invoked as busybox, the list of currently compiled in 
		functions is printed out (no this is not bloat -- the list
		has to be there anyway to map invocation name to function).
	    * busybox no longer parses command lines for apps or displays their
		usage info.  Each app gets to handle (or not handle) this for
	    * Eliminated monadic, dyadic, descend, block_device, and 
		postprocess.  It was cumbersome to have so many programs
		cobbled together in this way.  Without them, the app is much
		more granular.
	    * All shared code now lives in utility.c, and is properly
		ifdef'ed to be only included for those apps requiring it.
	    * Eliminated struct FileInfo (the basis of monadic, dyadic, etc)
		so now each app has the function prototype of (da-dum):
		    extern int foo_main(int argc, char** argv);
		which speeds integration of new apps.
	    * Adjusted the Makefile to make it easier to 
		{en|dis}able debugging.
	    * Changed default compiler optimization to -Os 
		(optimize for smaller binaries).

	App Changes:
	    * To cope with the new app function prototype and the removal of
		monadic, dyadic, etc, the following apps were re-written:
		    * cat - Works same as always.
		    * chgrp, chmod, chown - rewrite.  Combined into a single 
			source file.  Absorbed patches from Enrique Zanardi <>
			that removes the dependency on libc6 libnss* libraries.
		    * cp - Can now do 'cp -a' can can copy devices,
			pipes, symlinks, as well as recursive or non-recursive dir copies.
		    * fdflush - adjusted to remove dependancy on struct FileInfo.
		    * find - Now includes some basic regexp matching 
			which will be the basic of a future mini-sed.
		    * ln - Same functionality.
		    * mkdir - Added -p flag to feature set.
		    * mv - rewrite.
		    * rm - Added -f flag to feature set.
		    * rmdir - Same functionality.
		    * swapon, swapoff - Combined into a single binary. No longer
			uses /etc/swaps.  swap{on|off} -a uses /etc/fstab instead.
		    * touch - Same functionality.
	    * date - adjusted with a patch from Matthew Grant <>
		to accomodate glibc timezone support.  I then ripped out GNU getopt.
	    * mkswap -- new version merged from util-linux.  Can now make >128Meg swaps.
	    * Replaced the old and star, unstar, and tarcat with the tar 
		implementation from sash.   Now tar behaves as god intended
		it to (i.e. tar -xvf <file> and tar -cf <file> <dir> work).
	    * dd -- rewritten.  Can with with files, stdin, stdout.
	    * Added the following new apps:
		    * loadfont -- added from debian boot floppies 
		    * chroot -- added based on a patch from Paolo Molaro <> 
		    * grep -- I just wrote it.  Only matches simple strings
		    * ps -- I just wrote it.  Has _no_ options at all, but works.
		    * fsck_minix, mkfs_minix -- added from util-linux, but I ripped out
			internationalization and such to make them smaller.
		    * sfdisk -- Added from util-linux (minus internationalization and such).
	    * Probably some other changes that I forgot to document...

	 -Erik Andersen
	mini-netcat (mnc) rewritten.
	Mount now supports -a, and -t auto.
	Mount now updates mtab correctly for 'ro'.
	More checks screen rows size, outputs bytes percentage.
	Printf added as module.
	Touch now creates files. -c option for no create.