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 * public domain -- Dave 'Kill a Cop' Cinege <>
 * dutmp
 * Takes utmp formated file on stdin and dumps it's contents 
 * out in colon delimited fields. Easy to 'cut' for shell based 
 * versions of 'who', 'last', etc. IP Addr is output in hex, 
 * little endian on x86.
 * made against libc6
#include "internal.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <utmp.h>

const char      dutmp_usage[] = "dutmp\n"
"\tDump file or stdin utmp file format to stdout, pipe delimited.\n"
"\tdutmp /var/run/utmp\n";

extern int
dutmp_fn(const struct FileInfo * i)

FILE *	f = stdin;
struct utmp * ut = (struct utmp *) malloc(sizeof(struct utmp) );

	if ( i ) 
		if (! (f = fopen(i->source, "r"))) {
			return 1;

	while (fread (ut, 1, sizeof(struct utmp), f)) {
		ut->ut_type, ut->ut_pid, ut->ut_line,
		ut->ut_id, ut->ut_user,	ut->ut_host,
		ut->ut_exit.e_termination, ut->ut_exit.e_exit,
		ut->ut_tv.tv_sec, ut->ut_tv.tv_usec,

return 0;