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## Getting Started

For more information on Amazon FreeRTOS, refer to the [Getting Started section of Amazon FreeRTOS webpage](

To directly access the **Getting Started Guide** for supported hardware platforms, click the corresponding link in the Supported Hardware section below.

For detailed documentation on Amazon FreeRTOS, refer to the [Amazon FreeRTOS User Guide](

## Supported Hardware

The following MCU boards are supported for Amazon FreeRTOS:
1. **Texas Instruments** - [CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL](
    * [Getting Started Guide](
    * IDEs: [Code Composer Studio](, [IAR Embedded Workbench](
2. **STMicroelectronics** - [STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node](
    * [Getting Started Guide](
    * IDE: [STM32 System Workbench](
3. **NXP** - [LPC54018 IoT Module](
    * [Getting Started Guide](
    * IDEs: [IAR Embedded Workbench](, [MCUXpresso IDE](
4. **Microchip** - [Curiosity PIC32MZEF](
    * [Getting Started Guide](
    * IDE: [MPLAB X IDE](
5. **Espressif** - [ESP32-DevKitC](, [ESP-WROVER-KIT](
    * [Getting Started Guide](

**Windows Simulator**
To evaluate Amazon FreeRTOS without using MCU-based hardware, you can use the Windows Simulator.
* Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, with at least a dual core and a hard-wired Ethernet connection
* [Getting Started Guide](
* IDE: [Visual Studio Community Edition](