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# Light sensors
menu "Light sensors"

config SENSORS_ISL29028
	tristate "Intersil ISL29028 Concurrent Light and Proximity Sensor"
	depends on I2C
	select REGMAP_I2C
	 Provides driver for the Intersil's ISL29028 device.
	 This driver supports the sysfs interface to get the ALS, IR intensity,
	 Proximity value via iio. The ISL29028 provides the concurrent sensing
	 of ambient light and proximity.

config TSL2x7x
	tristate "TAOS TSL/TMD2x71 and TSL/TMD2x72 Family of light and proximity sensors"
	depends on I2C
	 Support for: tsl2571, tsl2671, tmd2671, tsl2771, tmd2771, tsl2572, tsl2672,
	 tmd2672, tsl2772, tmd2772 devices.
	 Provides iio_events and direct access via sysfs.