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menuconfig ION
	bool "Ion Memory Manager"
	depends on HAVE_MEMBLOCK && HAS_DMA && MMU
	  Chose this option to enable the ION Memory Manager,
	  used by Android to efficiently allocate buffers
	  from userspace that can be shared between drivers.
	  If you're not using Android its probably safe to
	  say N here.

config ION_TEST
	tristate "Ion Test Device"
	depends on ION
	  Choose this option to create a device that can be used to test the
	  kernel and device side ION functions.

config ION_DUMMY
	bool "Dummy Ion driver"
	depends on ION
	  Provides a dummy ION driver that registers the
	  /dev/ion device and some basic heaps. This can
	  be used for testing the ION infrastructure if
	  one doesn't have access to hardware drivers that
	  use ION.

config ION_TEGRA
	tristate "Ion for Tegra"
	depends on ARCH_TEGRA && ION
	  Choose this option if you wish to use ion on an nVidia Tegra.

config ION_HISI
	tristate "Ion for Hisilicon"
	depends on ARCH_HISI && ION
	select ION_OF
	  Choose this option if you wish to use ion on Hisilicon Platform.

source "drivers/staging/android/ion/hisilicon/Kconfig"

config ION_OF
	bool "Devicetree support for Ion"
	depends on ION && OF_ADDRESS
	  Provides base support for defining Ion heaps in devicetree
	  and setting them up. Also includes functions for platforms
	  to parse the devicetree and expand for their own custom

	  If using Ion and devicetree, you should say Y here