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config WIL6210
	tristate "Wilocity 60g WiFi card wil6210 support"
	depends on CFG80211
	depends on PCI
	default n
	  This module adds support for wireless adapter based on
	  wil6210 chip by Wilocity. It supports operation on the
	  60 GHz band, covered by the IEEE802.11ad standard.

	  If you choose to build it as a module, it will be called

config WIL6210_ISR_COR
	bool "Use Clear-On-Read mode for ISR registers for wil6210"
	depends on WIL6210
	default y
	  ISR registers on wil6210 chip may operate in either
	  COR (Clear-On-Read) or W1C (Write-1-to-Clear) mode.
	  For production code, use COR (say y); is default since
	  it saves extra target transaction;
	  For ISR debug, use W1C (say n); is allows to monitor ISR
	  registers with debugfs. If COR were used, ISR would
	  self-clear when accessed for debug purposes, it makes
	  such monitoring impossible.
	  Say y unless you debug interrupts

config WIL6210_TRACING
	bool "wil6210 tracing support"
	depends on WIL6210
	depends on EVENT_TRACING
	default y
	  Say Y here to enable tracepoints for the wil6210 driver
	  using the kernel tracing infrastructure.  Select this
	  option if you are interested in debugging the driver.

	  If unsure, say Y to make it easier to debug problems.