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# OKI Semiconductor device configuration

config PCH_GBE
	tristate "OKI SEMICONDUCTOR IOH(ML7223/ML7831) GbE"
	depends on PCI && (X86_32 || COMPILE_TEST)
	select MII
	select PTP_1588_CLOCK_PCH
	  This is a gigabit ethernet driver for EG20T PCH.
	  EG20T PCH is the platform controller hub that is used in Intel's
	  general embedded platform.  EG20T PCH has Gigabit Ethernet interface.
	  Using this interface, it is able to access system devices connected
	  to Gigabit Ethernet.  This driver enables Gigabit Ethernet function.

	  This driver also can be used for OKI SEMICONDUCTOR IOH(Input/
	  Output Hub), ML7223/ML7831.
	  ML7223 IOH is for MP(Media Phone) use. ML7831 IOH is for general
	  purpose use.
	  ML7223/ML7831 is companion chip for Intel Atom E6xx series.
	  ML7223/ML7831 is completely compatible for Intel EG20T PCH.