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# Blackfin device configuration

config NET_BFIN
	bool "Blackfin devices"
	depends on BF516 || BF518 || BF526 || BF527 || BF536 || BF537
	  If you have a network (Ethernet) card belonging to this class, say Y.

	  If unsure, say Y.

	  Note that the answer to this question doesn't directly affect the
	  kernel: saying N will just cause the configurator to skip all
	  the remaining Blackfin card questions. If you say Y, you will be
	  asked for your specific card in the following questions.


config BFIN_MAC
	tristate "Blackfin on-chip MAC support"
	depends on (BF516 || BF518 || BF526 || BF527 || BF536 || BF537)
	select CRC32
	select MII
	select PHYLIB
	  This is the driver for Blackfin on-chip mac device. Say Y if you want
	  it compiled into the kernel. This driver is also available as a
	  module ( = code which can be inserted in and removed from the running
	  kernel whenever you want). The module will be called bfin_mac.

config BFIN_MAC_USE_L1
	bool "Use L1 memory for rx/tx packets"
	depends on BFIN_MAC && (BF527 || BF537)
	default y
	  To get maximum network performance, you should use L1 memory as rx/tx
	  buffers. Say N here if you want to reserve L1 memory for other uses.

	int "Number of transmit buffer packets"
	depends on BFIN_MAC
	range 6 10 if BFIN_MAC_USE_L1
	range 10 100
	default "10"
	  Set the number of buffer packets used in driver.

	int "Number of receive buffer packets"
	depends on BFIN_MAC
	range 20 64
	default "20"
	  Set the number of buffer packets used in driver.

	bool "Use IEEE 1588 hwstamp"
	depends on BFIN_MAC && BF518
	imply PTP_1588_CLOCK
	default y
	  To support the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), select y here

endif # NET_BFIN