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# modularer ISDN driver

menuconfig MISDN
	tristate "Modular ISDN driver"
	  Enable support for the modular ISDN driver.

if MISDN != n

config MISDN_DSP
	tristate "Digital Audio Processing of transparent data"
	depends on MISDN
	  Enable support for digital audio processing capability.

	  This module may be used for special applications that require
	  cross connecting of bchannels, conferencing, dtmf decoding,
	  echo cancellation, tone generation, and Blowfish encryption and
	  decryption. It may use hardware features if available.

	  E.g. it is required for PBX4Linux. Go to
	  and get more information about this module and its usage.

	  If unsure, say 'N'.

config MISDN_L1OIP
	tristate "ISDN over IP tunnel"
	depends on MISDN
	  Enable support for ISDN over IP tunnel.

	  It features:
	    - dynamic IP exchange, if one or both peers have dynamic IPs
	    - BRI (S0) and PRI (S2M) interface
	    - layer 1 control via network keepalive frames
	    - direct tunneling of physical interface via IP

	  NOTE: This protocol is called 'Layer 1 over IP' and is not
	  compatible with ISDNoIP (Agfeo) or TDMoIP. Protocol description is
	  provided in the source code.

source "drivers/isdn/hardware/mISDN/Kconfig"

endif #MISDN