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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
config ZRAM
	tristate "Compressed RAM block device support"
	depends on BLOCK && SYSFS && ZSMALLOC && CRYPTO
	select CRYPTO_LZO
	default n
	  Creates virtual block devices called /dev/zramX (X = 0, 1, ...).
	  Pages written to these disks are compressed and stored in memory
	  itself. These disks allow very fast I/O and compression provides
	  good amounts of memory savings.

	  It has several use cases, for example: /tmp storage, use as swap
	  disks and maybe many more.

	  See zram.txt for more information.

       bool "Write back incompressible page to backing device"
       depends on ZRAM
       default n
	 With incompressible page, there is no memory saving to keep it
	 in memory. Instead, write it out to backing device.
	 For this feature, admin should set up backing device via

	 See zram.txt for more infomration.